Fiber May Lower Risk of Osteoarthritis

Millions of people, worldwide and across the United States are affected by Osteoarthritis. The latest research showed that diets rich in fiber may lower the risk of developing painful knee osteoarthritis.   What is osteoarthritis? It’s known as the most common arthritis also named the “wear and tear,” arthritis, over 30 million U.S. adults are […]

Soda Lovers Beware: Stroke & Dementia Risk

Soda Lovers Beware: Stroke & Dementia Risk Study links artificially sweetened drinks with higher risk of stroke and dementia. We’ve been told countless times in the last 20 years that regular soda is bad for our health. It’s packed with sugar which experts have been saying for years, the dangers of consuming excessive amounts of […]

Elderly Exercises Using Theraband

Elderly Exercises Using Theraband By Kristina Mancino          Resistance band exercises have become popular in recent years. Now there is an exercise designed to strengthen muscles without putting too much stress and pressure on elderly aging bodies. Low-resistance resistance-bands involve numerous repetitions and can simply be done in a gym, with a personal trainer, or even […]

10 Ways To Fit Fitness Into Your Day

10 Ways To Fit Fitness Into Your Day By Kristina Mancino          We’ve been told that we should exercise at least 30 minutes a day. With how busy we’ve become, finding that 30 minutes to exercise can be difficult. We completely understand! So how can you get the same blood pressure, cholesterol and waistline benefits within […]

What The New Healthcare Bill Could Do To You

What The New Healthcare Bill Could Do To You by Kristina Mancino AARP has maintained its opposition for the possible new healthcare bill that could replace Obamacare. In a statement from AARP’s Vice President Nancy LeaMond said, “AARP opposes this legislation, as introduced, that would weaken Medicare, leaving the door open to a voucher program […]