Caring for an aging parent or loved one can be a humbling experience. Emotions run the gamut as we negotiate our way through changing roles within our family and interpersonal relationships. Those who once protected and shielded us from harm or danger now find themselves in the sunset of their lives. They now lean on us for the support to live independently with dignity and respect.

Compass Care Management is an additional resource you, too, can lean on as you develop long-term care plans and decisions that meet your family’s specific needs. Whether your family needs support 5 miles away or 5,000 miles away, your Certified Senior Advisor is available to talk through the whole process, from starting the conversation with your loved one to connecting to the right senior living arrangement.



What is considered “normal” when it comes to aging? Should you be concerned with the current behavior you’re seeing? If you are confused and don’t know where to turn for answers, call our Certified Senior Advisors today for a free assessment and consultation. You are not alone. Compass Care Management is right there with you throughout this entire process and journey. Let us help you to discover the solutions that fit your loved one’s needs.

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The demand for skilled, qualified case managers continues to rise in order to meet the requirements of healthcare reform and the needs of a growing population of elderly, complex patients. “With shortages of nurses and other healthcare professionals becoming an increasingly chronic problem, optimizing your workforce is imperative,” Susan Salka, president and CEO of AMN Healthcare, said in a statement. “Knowing future patient demand so healthcare providers can accurately plan workforce scheduling and staffing is an invaluable asset for medical facilities.”

The vast majority of case managers and other health care professionals (94 percent) agree that scheduling and staffing problems negatively affect overall staff morale, and 90 percent say the persistence of such issues makes them feel underappreciated.

Case managers are trying their best to ensure safe discharges. However, when health care professionals are called upon to pick up extra shifts, cover for someone at the last minute or work overtime, they become fatigued. “They become both physically and emotionally drained from the additional work, but it is also demoralizing when they feel like despite the fact they are doing their best, staffing shortages prevent them from being able to adequately serve their patients,” she says.

Healthcare enterprises that have adopted predictive analytics and advanced labor management strategies have realized various positive outcomes, including:

  • 97% accuracy when predicting staff needs 30 days out from the shift
  • 75% of open shift hours filled more than two weeks in advance
  • Marked increases in satisfaction among registered nurses
  • 4% to 7% savings in overall labor spending, totaling millions of dollars

“The first step to a solution is being open-minded,” Mr. White says. “Clinicians are evidence-based decision makers. If they can be open-minded and see the evidence that doing things differently works and embrace it, tools such as predictive analytics can be implemented successfully.

As Orlando Health executives explore strategies to appropriately address staffing solutions, Compass Senior Solutions proposes an 18 – 24 month pilot initiative focused on delivering patient-centered case management support services.